And yet…

Ein poetischer Rückblick auf das Jahr 2022

Das Gedicht als kleines Video findest du auf meinem YouTube-Kanal unter Shorts:

When slowly our summer progresses to fall
When days finish early, and sun rises late
When fingers are freezing while I’m on my bike
When kids go to day care, and all is alright.
I stop and I listen, I breathe deeply in
I smell falling leaves and I slowly begin
To ponder about what this year has been like
Do I look at the losses or rather the light?
Cause yes it was hard and yes it was tears
and yes, it was sickness and yes it was fears
And yes, it was stress and exhaustion and doubt
And yes, it was struggle and yes and yes…
And yet it was love and yet it was zest
And yet it was laughter and yet it was blessed.
And yet it was friendship and magic delight
It was all embracing, yes it was pure life.
> Gesa Winger <